No Drips, No 
Spills, No Mess


Paint an entire room 
in just 20 minutes!



An Easier & Faster Way To Paint

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The Renovator Paint Runner Pro is the NEW quick and easy professional paint roller system to get the job done - with no mess, drips or splatter.

Just fill it with up to 1L of paint and you can have a wall painted in 5 minutes, or an entire room in just 20!

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations - Call and get the Original Paint Runner Pro today.

Why is the Paint Runner™ Pro so great?

  • No dipping, no dripping, no mess
  • Less cost as you use less paint
  • Less time climbing up and down a ladder
  • Less strain - no more bending over to roll in the paint tray
  • Cover a greater area faster and more evenly – perfect finish on any surface, rough or smooth
  • More convenient as you don't have to move your dipping tray all the time
  • Paint a wall in 5 minutes, an entire room in 20!
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  • Self-contained and refillable paint roller - holds up to 1L of paint
  • Washable (for water-based paint only) - for easy clean up
  • Flocked edger and corner pad – cutting in has never been cleaner or easier
  • Patented distribution system with seamless micro-fibre head - delivers an even coat that imitators cannot replicate
  • Paint Runner Pole adaptor – for ceilings and high walls you can extend your reach with a threaded pole, or use a standard broom handle if you don’t have a threaded pole

What's Included In The Box?

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    Paint Runner™ Pro Roller

    Fill the paint roller chamber and the micro-fibre roller releases the paint in a perfect even flow. You control how much paint is released by how hard you press.

  • Edger paintrunner.JPG

    FREE Flocked Edger

    Lets you cut in cleanly and easily around ceilings, windows, skirting and architraves without messy mistakes. The perfect tool for those fine finishing touches.

  • paint runner - corner pad.jpg (1)

    FREE Corner Pad

    Lets you cut in cleanly and easily in wall and ceiling corners.

  • paint runner - resting tray.jpg (1)

    FREE Resting Tray

    For resting the roller when you take a break

  • paint runner - easy pour jug.jpg

    FREE Easy-Pour Jug

    To fill easily and cleanly with a maximum measured amount of paint.

  • paint runner - manual.jpg

    Instruction Manual

    Safety and operating manual

Satisfied Customers

"It provides a perfect coverage for the wall and I don't have to go back and do it a second time"

- Anne, NSW

 "I love how the paint is all contained in the roll. I don't have to keep dipping it in the tray"

- Johnathon, NSW

"Painting has never been easier"

- Tracy, NSW

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The Renovator® has been giving DIYers an extra helping hand for many years. 

It all started with bringing The Renovator® Multi-Tool to the market. With its multi-functional design, easy to use features & all-inclusive kit it has served over 1 million happy customers from all over the world. 

People loved the Multi-Tool so much it was decided there must be other multi-functional tools & equipment that can make house proud DIYers jobs easier, faster & better!

A complete range of products have since launched with exactly that in mind. We continue to research, design & manufacture the best in DIY innovation & ideas.

See our full product range of The Renovator DIY & Trade Tools

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  • How do I use the Paint Runner™ Pro?

    Follow these simple steps and you'll be up and running in no time!

    1. Remove cap and fill with paint
    2. Roll on unwanted newspaper for 2-3 minutes unitl the paint spreads evenly over the roller (for the first time only)
    3. You can now paint without dipping or dripping
    4. Place in a standing position when not in use
    5. If doing a ceiling it is recommended to only half load the brush
    6. Pour unused paint back into the tin when finished.
  • What is the best way to clean the Paint Runner™ ?

    To clean, wash the Paint Runner™  Pro under running water or soak overnight in tap water

  • What is included when I buy the Paint Runner™ Pro?

    Each pack comes complete with:

    1 x Flocked Paint Runner

    1 x Handle Cap

    1 x Instruction Sheet


    1 x Flocked Edger

    1 x Flocked Corner Pad

    1 x Plastic Jug

    1 x Resting Tray


  • How much paint does the Paint Runner™ Roller hold?

    The Paint Runner Roller head can contain up to 1 litre of paint and can be constantly used for up to 10 minutes covering up to 17 square metres of wall. The patented fabric and distribution system ensures even coverage on all surfaces.

  • Does the Paint Runner™ Pro come with a warranty?

    Yes it comes with a standard 1 year warranty. You can find more information about the warranty here.

  • How do I purchase the Paint Runner Pro?

    A: You can purchase online now through our simple & secure shopping cart, we accept -

    - All major Credit Cards

    - All major Visa/Master Debit Cards

    If you would prefer to split your payments to make your purchase more flexible , feel free to contact our friendly product sales team on the number above. 

  • How do I return the goods for a refund?

    We will issue you with a Return Number (RMA), after which you have 14 days to return the product(s) back to us. – Please ensure this RMA number is clearly visible on the outside of the parcel that you are returning so that we can complete the refund quickly on receipt.

    We always recommend you use a traceable method and keep these details safe until you see the money refunded back in your account.

To order call 0800 008 200